Hello my dear family, I am in Kobe now. I miss you very much, does everyone OK?

I have bought gigts for Eva, Vivian , son and ant .Wish you will like them.

See you soon at 5, May.





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  • vivian
  • Each people are very good , and thinks you very much,承承 first day of early morning also to quarrel originally must drink the milk !Finally as soon as realized the dawn last night, was probably knew that woke not usefully, did not have the milk ,Simply does not get up!
    .p.s Remembered that must bring the gift!

    Thinks your vivian
  • sharon
  • Tonight I'll call you back about PM:9 to 10, please inform Eva to wait for my call, I'm missing you very much. And miss all of you very much, also.
    承承 is so good that will not bother ant and thanks the God all of you are very fine.
    Koyoto is a good place to visit again. Be good children and wish our family come here together next year!